Adventure: 3rd through 5th grades Youth

The Program

Adventure, the second level of CampFire’s group program, features opportunities for boys and girls to learn to make decisions and to choose activities that interest them most, either individually or as a group.

The program is organized around the five Camp Fire Trails:

  • The Environment
  • Creativity
  • Knowing Me
  • Family and Community
  • The Future

Members work toward completion of activities in each of the areas, which include a wide range of topics. In addition, there are a variety of national and council projects available.What is Special About Adventure? While working on projects in the following areas, members are able to earn awards in recognition of their accomplishments.

  • Outdoor Action – Members learn safe outdoor skills, including fire building, using a compass, following maps and camping.
  • Link-ups – Members learn to link UPI their outside interests with CampFire: drawing up a contract and devoting 50 hours to completing the project.
  • Try-ads – “Try a new adventure” – 4th and 5th graders explore a new subject, learn about it, plan and complete a project and share their accomplishments with others.
  • Community Service – Group members choose community service projects and work together to help others.
  • New Ventures – 5th grade members explore their ideas and feelings about things that affect their lives. Ten projects to choose from – all appropriate for active young people!

Please contact Camp Fire USA, Patuxent Area Council for more information!

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