Discovery: 6th through 8th grade Youth

The Program

The Discovery program offers middle school children nearly 1,000 enrichment activities that build their interpersonal and academic skills and helps them plan and implement community service projects.

Discovery, Camp Fire USA ‘s new middle school program, promotes the concept that early adolescents need choice and positive relationships with mentoring adults. The program curriculum includes nearly 1,000 activity choices, is adaptable to program and individual needs and encourages personalization. In addition, service-learning activities are emphasized, and each activity builds specified youth outcomes and is linked to age-appropriate educational standards.

In Discovery, teens in grades 6-8 explore new ideas and begin building leadership skills.As a Discovery club member, you learn about:

  • Peer pressure
  • Setting goals
  • Working with others
  • Appreciating diversity and how to bring positive change in the community.
  • You explore different careers
  • Help young children appreciate art
  • Set up your own business
  • Participate in the local legislative process
  • Plan your own trip

Discovery programs teach you to make the future better for yourself and for others.

Discovery Club members may participate in Teens in Action Activities that are designed especially for them. As 8 th graders, they may participate in some select CF66 Road Trips.

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