Horizon: 9th through 12th grade Youth

The Program

The Horizon program is designed for youth in high school. The Camp Fire USA Horizon program is different for each member. At this level, teens are encouraged to participate in the activities as individual members or with their club members. In the Horizon program, teens are given the opportunity to create and build their own horizons, or futures. “Highlight” activities are designed to examine ideas, values, morals and experiences. Four “Reflection” projects provide focus for teens on self, choices and decisions, future goals and planning, and self-reliance skills. Teens typically begin working toward the WoHeLo Award in Horizon.

In Horizon Club Teens:

  • Participate in National Teen Conferences
  • Plan and implement activities that are of interest to them
  • Complete Service Projects
  • May choose to be part of Teens in Action
  • Go on trips that they plan and raise funds for
  • Help with clubs for younger youth
  • Serve as youth members of Council Committees or on the Board of Directors
  • Provide leadership to their clubs and the council in general

Examples of Horizon Club Activities:

  • Trip to Kansas City to participate in National Leadership Conference
  • Trip to San Diego to participate in National Youth Conference at the University of San Diego
  • College trip to colleges in the area
  • Service Trip to help the homeless and needy
  • International Potluck dinner
  • Night at the Theater
  • Working with kids in an at risk program.