What is Teens in Action and Camp Fire USA

Bishop McNamara Teens In Action

Prince Georges Teens in Action: The teens in these clubs are currently developing their web pages–Check back again for information about their activities. For more information contact us.

Do you like to have fun? Do you like to meet new, interesting people? Do you like to voice your opinion and really make a difference? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you should check out the Camp Fire USA Teens in Action program.

These programs are based on the concept that young people, like you, are the key to the future and are making a difference in communities nationwide. You can have fun, relax with your friends and at the same time stand up for something you believe in. You will exchange ideas, discuss issues and vote with adult advisers on decisions that govern the organization. This provides the opportunity for you to take part in programs designed by youth to deal with social challenges.

Teens in Action recognizes youth as part of the solution to, and not the problem with, today’s social challenges. Working together with young people, Camp Fire USA strives to improve the communities where youth live .

Approximately 60,000 teens across the nation are experiencing an exhilarating charge of self-esteem in Camp Fire USA’s Teens in Action program. It is designed to connect youth with important skills that inspire community responsibility, contribute to the future of American volunteerism, encourage a sense of belonging and develop concern for others. Youth enrichment activities give teens the involvement and ownership necessary to make a difference in their communities and the world around them. It provides the opportunity to discover who they really are.

Youth make a difference in their local communities through community service, brainstorming, discussing topics relevant to them and making decisions that help further the organization. Camp Fire USA’s Teens in Action program empowers teens to speak out and stand up in their communities. Every two years teens vote on a topic on which to focus their attention and community service efforts.

The principles of Teens in Action are based on youth-adult partnerships and learning through empowering experiences. Its intent is to strengthen the ties of the family, school and community to issues of concern to youth. Camp Fire USA directly involves 60,000 young people each year in responsible leadership roles and broadens their horizons by presenting youth options that address the needs of their communities. Programs of this nature inspire and honor community responsibility, contribute to the future of American volunteerism and encourage a sense of caring for others.

Working with adult partners in a mentoring relationship, teens experience and learn about leadership, communication, planning and the political process. Through Teens in Action, Camp Fire USA takes a definitive stand on such issues as suicide prevention, inclusiveness, HIV/AIDS, sexuality, cultural awareness and alcohol and drug abuse.

Camp Fire USA is one of the nation’s leading not-for-profit youth development organizations, serving over 650,000 participants annually. Camp Fire , with national headquarters in Kansas City , Missouri , since 1977, provides all-inclusive, coeducational programs in hundreds of communities across the United States . Camp Fire USA ‘s mission is to build caring, confident youth and future leaders . By design, Camp Fire ‘s programs, including small group experiences, after school programs, camping and environmental education, child care and service learning, build confidence in younger children and provide hands-on, youth-driven leadership experiences for older youth.


  • We believe that children and youth are our most precious resources.
  • We believe in an approach to youth development that builds assets and empowers individuals.
  • We believe that the best youth development occurs in small groups where children and youth are actively involved in creating their own learning.
  • We are committed to coeducation, providing opportunities for boys, girls and families to develop together.
  • We provide caring, trained mentors to work with children and youth.
  • We are inclusive, welcoming children, youth and adults regardless of race, religion, socioeconomic status, disability, or other aspect of diversity.
  • We respect and celebrate nature.
  • We foster leadership, engaging children and youth to give service and make decisions in a democratic society.
  • We provide safe, fun and nurturing environments for children and youth.
  • We enrich parents’ and other adults’ lives by expanding their skills and encouraging them to share their talents and build relationships with children and youth.
  • We respond to community needs with our programs and expertise.
  • We advocate on behalf of children, youth and families