Camp Fire USA builds caring, confident youth and future leaders. Whether camping or some other outdoor activity, we encourage youth and family to get outdoors. You need the right equipment and don’t want to hike long distances without the right hiking boots, for example.

Camp Fire USA is a leader in after-school and out-of-school time programming. By design, Camp Fire USA ‘s programs, including clubs, camping and environmental education, childcare and service-learning, build confidence in younger children and provide hands-on, youth-driven leadership experiences for teens and young adults.

Five essential elements derived from the mission statement and core values drive every program we offer:

  • We are youth-centered.
  • We engage the entire family in fun and outcome-rich activities.
  • We are welcoming and inclusive.
  • We build youth and adult partnerships.
  • We provide service to others.

Founded in 1910, Camp Fire USA was the first nonsectarian, interracial organization for girls in the United States. Based on a commitment to the entire family, whatever its structure, membership was expanded to include boys in 1975. Now, 46 percent of the youth involved in Camp Fire USA programming are boys. For the past century, Camp Fire USA has served over 42 million children and youth, helping them become caring, confident leaders.Our Council provides Camp Fire USA programs in the Prince Georges County and Montgomery County Areas of Metro Washington DC. Leaders in neighboring areas may receive technical assistance from our staff by participating in activities within our Jurisdiction. Camp Fire USA Patuxent Area Council provides the following Programs:

  • Small Group Club Programming for youth 4-21
  • School Based Self-Reliance Programs for K-12
  • Teens in Action teen leadership and service learning programs for both
  • School and Community Based Programs Camping Programs
  • Adult Volunteer Leadership Opportunities

We hope that you will take the time to look through our site and learn more about us and what we do to serve youth in the community.